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$160M Wholesale Apparel Manufacturing SMB Transforms Business

Case Study by Adaptive Product

A fast growing wholesale apparel manufacturer SMB maximizes profits and improves its valuation with digital technology over a period of 15-months.

A leading $160M apparel wholesale manufacturer based in Pennsylvania, USA, was under pressure to stabilize its archaic business platform and increase the velocity of delivering additional features to manage an increasingly sophisticated business and growing competition.

An additional issue the company was facing was the investor valuation risk associated with the old ERP/MRP platform as the underlying technology of its business platform. So the company turned to technology to simplify business processes, easily identify gaps in supply-demand and be able to monitor the entire health of the business.

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Learn how this leading wholesale apparel manufacturer overcame its challenges, doubled down on its technology commitment and unlocked explosive growth.
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How a successfully implemented technology transformation drastically improved the valuation of a $160M retail wholesale manufacturer.

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