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About Us

Transforming Ideas into Healthcare Value, One Solution at a Time. 

Who I Am

For more than 25 years (wow, time flies!), my unwavering focus has been on harnessing technology to elevate the healthcare landscape, creating a more efficient and patient-centric system. This isn't just a profession; it's my lifelong dedication. My journey has led me through diverse experiences, from startups to industry giants, vendors to payers, where I've been instrumental in bringing innovative and scalable solutions to fruition.

Chris Donovan
My Skills

Digital Health Product Leader

  • Value Creation Catalyst: I specialize in devising transformative product strategies that drive healthcare solutions into the future, delivering unmatched value for stakeholders and the industry as a whole.

  • Agility Enthusiast: My approach is rooted in Lean-Agile principles, breathing life into ideas with nimble, focused, and transparent execution, leaving clunky and inefficient projects in the past.


  • Go-to-Market Strategist: I excel at crafting data-driven go-to-market strategies that propel healthcare solutions to market leadership, ensuring seamless adoption and sustainable growth.


  • 0-1 Product Architect: I'm passionate about conceiving groundbreaking healthcare solutions from inception, identifying unmet market needs, and sculpting elegant, paradigm-shifting solutions that tackle these challenges head-on.

  • Data-Driven Insights Expert: Armed with advanced analytics like machine learning and AI, I unearth actionable insights from data, empowering better patient engagement, population health management, and value-based care outcomes.

  • User-Centric Design Champion: Design thinking and user-centered design are my guiding principles. I keenly listen to user needs, empathize with their pain points, and craft engaging, intuitive solutions that elevate everyday healthcare experiences.

  • High-Performing Team Builder: I take immense pleasure in assembling high-performing teams of passionate individuals who embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Connect for Impact

I'm eager to connect with fellow professionals, industry leaders, and potential clients who share my vision for a transformed healthcare landscape. Let's discuss your current vision, product plans, and how my expertise can empower you to move your mission forward.

Ready to Collaborate?
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