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Empowering Breakthrough Digital Health Solutions

Guiding Healthcare Innovators from Vision to Market Leadership with Expert Product Consulting

healthcare data and analytics strategy

Accelerate Your Digital 
Health Innovation

We help healthcare innovators bring groundbreaking digital health solutions to life, from concept to market leadership. Our 0-to-1 product management expertise empowers you to navigate the complexities of developing and launching cutting-edge healthcare technology.

Craft a Clear Product Vision
and Roadmap to Success

A compelling vision without a clear roadmap is like a ship without a rudder.


We guide founders in translating their vision into a data-driven product roadmap, focusing on:

  • Prioritization based on business value,

  • Defining key milestones and timelines, and

  • Identifying metrics for success.


A well-defined roadmap minimizes uncertainty, maximizes return on investment (ROI), and provides a clear path for future directions.

with Validated Product Strategies
Mitigate Investment Risk

A groundbreaking idea may not translate to a successful product if it fails to address a real need in the market.


At Adaptive Product, we conduct thorough market research and user analysis to:

  • Identify unmet needs,

  • Validate the target market, and

  • Understand the competitive landscape.


By ensuring product-market fit, we minimize the risk of investing in a solution that may struggle to gain traction and generate sustainable revenue.

Optimize Delivery
with Best-Pratice Agile

Traditional development methodologies can be slow and inflexible, leading to cost overruns and missed deadlines.


We champion best-practice agile methodologies to:

  • Promote rapid prototyping and iteration,

  • Enhance team collaboration, and

  • Reduce development risk.


Optimizing delivery using agile allows us to bring products to market faster, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

with a Data-Driven Go-to-Market Plan
Drive Adoption

The most innovative product can fail without a well-defined go-to-market strategy.


Our strategic approach helps in:

  • Identifying the ideal customer profile,

  • Crafting a tailored marketing message, and

  • Selecting the right launch channels.


By developing a strategic go-to-market plan, we ensure a successful product launch, maximize user acquisition, and set the stage for sustained growth and market adoption.

2 men thinking about healthcare program execution

Best-In-Class Expertise

Healthcare is in the process of being reimagined. Now more than ever, organizations need to leverage modern technologies and their data to create intelligence solutions to transform healthcare financing and delivery. This is a complex undertaking requiring specialized support.

Best-Practice Project Leadership

From strategic planning through technical delivery, Adaptive Product provides our clients with best-practice project execution that ensures efficient delivery of high-value digitial health solutions - on time and within budget.

Broad Healthcare Market Knowledge 

Creating game-changing digital health solutions that "move the needle" requires collaboration across providers, consumers and payers. Adaptive Products' experience across the healthcare spectrum ensures all stakeholder needs are addressed.  

Deep Data and Analytics Expertise

Healthcare data is notoriously difficult to work with.  Efficiently creating impactful digital health solutions requires a deep understanding of healthcare data and industry accepted analytic methodologies, which Adaptive Product brings to each project. 

Product Management

Create the strategy and lead the delivery of high-value digital health solutions.

  • Product Strategies & Roadmaps

  • 0 to 1 (new) Product Delivery

  • Market & Competitive Analysis

  • Market Sizing & Segmentation

  • Pricing & Profitability Analysis

  • Agile Delivery & Adoption

  • Technical Product Management

  • Detailed Requirements Development

Digital Transformation

Develop and implement strategies to maximize the value of digital technology investments.  

  • Digital Transformation Strategies & Roadmaps

  • Use Case Development & ROI Assessments

  • Vendor Selection & Implementation

  • Data Integration & Interoperability

  • Change Management

  • Cloud Migration & Optimization

  • Patient Engagement Solutions

  • Process Automation

Our Services

Advanced Analytics
Data Management

Carefully manage data sourcing, preparation, mapping and warehousing to ensure quality output.

  • Data Onboarding

  • Data Interoperability / FHIR Enablement

  • Data Warehousing

  • Data Lake Development

  • Data De-identification

  • Data Governance

  • DataOps

Develop insight-driven, actionable analytics that lead to performance improvements and sustainable growth.  

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Machine / Deep Learning

  • LLM, NLP & NLG Solutions

  • Episodes-of-Care & Care Bundles

  • HEDIS & Quality of Care Measures

  • Performance Measurement

  • Clinical Decision Support

Value-Based Care & Pop Health

Leverage digital technology to manage population health & succeed under value-based care contracts.

  • VBC & Pop Health Analytics

  • Platform Selection & Implementation

  • Contract Modeling

  • Program Design Support

  • Opportunity Analysis

  • Network Management Analytics

  • Performance Measurement & Management

  • Program Reconciliation

Lean-Agile Adoption

Tailor-made mentoring designed to help drive the adoption of best practices technology delivery processes.

  • Agile Transformation Strategy

  • Agile Framework Implementation

  • Value-Stream Mapping

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Leadership Training

  • Team Coaching

  • Agile Metrics and Reporting

  • Outcomes Measurement

Chris Donovan

CEO & Founder of Adaptive Product


At Adaptive Product, we empower healthcare visionaries to translate groundbreaking ideas into next-generation digital health solutions.  We believe strategically developed digital health products can revolutionize patient care, improve clinical workflows, and drive a new era of healthcare efficiency and affordability.


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