Data & Analytics

Harness the power of data to uncover actionable insights for making informed business decisions.

How Adaptive Product Helps Your Business

Actionable Insights

Many organizations have operational data yet don’t know how to leverage it to their advantage. We help you define your data & analytics use cases and prioritize which metrics are worth focusing on to uncover insights that drive business value.


Using data to improve decision making across an organization drives operational efficiency. We support you in establishing the infrastructure to take advantage of your data to drive a leaner, more structured organization.

Outperform Competition

The best way to create a competitive advantage is to innovate. Our data expertise ensures you understand where your business sits in the marketplace and how to implement high-impact analytics to outperform your competition.

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Becoming data-driven requires a clear understanding of your analytic opportunities, a modern data platform for operationalizing your data, and a workforce that knows how to apply analytics to their day-to-day activities. Adaptive Product is focused on ensuring you embed data and analytics into the fabric of your organization for a sustained competitive edge.

Data Strategy


Create a clear vision of your company as a data-driven organization. This includes identifying and prioritizing the specific analytic “use cases” that will drive value for your company, enabling a competitive edge.


A tailor-made technical plan for realizing your analytics vision. This includes an analysis of your current data infrastructure, an evaluation of potential 3rd party solutions, and the development of a cloud strategy for “modern technology platform” enablement.

Implementation Roadmap

A step-by-step roadmap to operationalize your tailor-made strategy. Our blueprint takes into account budget limitations, urgency of competitive threats, and other key issues relevant to your data and analytics strategy.

Data Execution

Data Onboarding

Properly managing your data sourcing, preparation, mapping and warehousing is key to any successful execution plan.

Performance Measurement

Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) for “measuring what’s important” so you know how you are progressing on your path to becoming data-driven.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Disseminating actionable intelligence across an organization enables companies to make better decisions.

Data Analytics

Developing insight-driven, actionable analytics that enable companies to drive performance improvements is at the heart of the data-driven organization.

Workflow Integration

Integrating value-driven analytics into operational workflows improves an organization’s decision making, driving to market success.

Lean-Agile Coaching

Tailor-made mentoring designed to help companies smoothly adopt the best practices required for optimizing technical delivery.


Why is Being Data-Driven Important?