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Fractional Digital Health Product Staffing

Cost-Effective Access to Top Product Management Talent

healthcare data and analytics strategy

Unparalleled Expertise, Flexible Engagements

At Adaptive Product, we specialize in providing fractional product staffing solutions tailored to the unique needs of the digital health sector. Our expert product management professionals are ready to join your team and drive transformative growth, innovation, and success.

Product Strategy

Crafting a Vision

for Success


Access expert strategy guidance precisely when needed. Our fractional PMs develop actionable strategies that align with your goals, identify market opportunities, and establish innovation roadmaps.

  • Define clear market needs through targeted research.


  • Validate and refine product-market fit through rigorous testing.


  • Create data-driven roadmaps that prioritize features based on emerging needs and trends.

Product Delivery

Bringing Ideas to Life

On Your Terms


Adapt to evolving project requirements with our flexible delivery approach. Our fractional PMs seamlessly integrate to ensure timely, cost-effective solutions, maximizing ROI and expediting time-to-market.

  • Efficiently manage scope, schedule, and budget.


  • Implement agile methods for rapid development cycles.


  • Continuously optimize products for enhanced user satisfaction and adoption rates.

Product Support

The Right Support

Right When You Need It


Scale your PM resources as needed with our scalable fractional PM support. Whether you require project guidance or team augmentation, our PMs deliver tailored expertise precisely when you need it.

  • Augment your team with on-demand PM professionals.


  • Receive customized guidance tailored to your project and business objectives.


  • Ensure seamless integration for maximum operational efficiency.

The Fractional Advantage

Fractional product management enables digital health companies to access seasoned, top-tier talent on a flexible, on-demand basis without the commitment or expense of a full-time hire. Benefits of fractional product management include...

  • Cost-Effectiveness: Significantly reduce expenses associated with recruitment, training, and ongoing payroll costs.  Pay only for the expertise you need, when you need it.


  • Flexibility and Scalability: Adapt your product management resources to meet the evolving demands of your projects and budget. Scale up or down seamlessly as needed.


  • Access to Top Talent: Tap into a network of experienced product managers with specialized industry knowledge and a proven track record of success in the digital health sector.


  • Expertise for Specific Needs: Get tailored support for unique project requirements, from strategic product planning to user research and regulatory compliance.


  • Faster Time to Market:  Benefit from the immediate impact of a seasoned professional who can streamline product development processes and accelerate product launch.


Our Fractional Product Roles

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

For early-stage startups, a fractional CPO can provide vital guidance in shaping product vision and strategy without the significant investment of a full-time executive. Established companies facing temporary strategic challenges can also benefit from the fresh perspective and focus of a fractional CPO.

Product Director

Leading a specific product area requires deep understanding of the market and user needs. Fractional product directors bring targeted expertise to guide product roadmaps, manage product launches, and ensure product success within their designated areas.

Strategic Product Manager (SPM)

Staying ahead of the curve is critical.  Fractional SPMs can conduct in-depth market research, analyze competitor offerings, and identify new product opportunities, ensuring the company maintains a competitive edge.

Vice President of Product (Product VP)

Building and managing a high-performing product team is crucial. A fractional Product VP can offer leadership and mentorship to existing product managers, ensuring alignment with company objectives and driving product excellence.

Product Manager (PM)

The backbone of any product team, PMs juggle multiple responsibilities. Fractional product managers can provide immediate support for specific projects, user research initiatives, or backlog management, empowering existing teams to be more efficient.

Technical Product Manager (TPM)

Bridging the gap between product and engineering is essential. Fractional TPMs with their strong technical background can translate user needs into technical specifications, streamline development processes, and ensure the feasibility of product features.


Who We Serve

Digital Health Startups

From Vision to Market Leader


Early-stage digital health startups aiming to bring innovative ideas to market.


  • Challenge: Limited resources and budget for top-tier in-house product management expertise.


  • Solution: Fractional product leadership to guide product strategy, user research, and execution from ideation to launch.


  • Benefits: Access to top talent, reduced risk, cost-efficiency, and faster time-to-market.

Healthcare Payers

Harnessing Emerging Technologies


Healthcare payers focused on leveraging digital technology to enhance health outcomes, boost member engagement, and satisfy employer groups.


  • Challenge: Balancing innovation with cost containment; lack of internal product expertise and a "product mindset".


  • Solution: Fractional product leadership to navigate digital health adoption, prioritize solutions based on ROI, and cultivate a product-centric approach.


  • Benefits: Improved operational efficiency, cost savings, and increased member engagement through optimized digital health integration.

Established Digital Health Vendors

Driving Innovation & Growth


Established healthcare technology companies with proven solutions in the market.


  • Challenge: Maintaining a competitive edge and fostering continuous innovation.


  • Solution: Fractional product leadership to drive product roadmaps, prioritize features, and integrate emerging technologies.


  • Benefits: Accelerated innovation cycles, optimized product-market fit, and increased market share.

Health Systems & Providers

Optimizing Operations, Enhancing Care


Healthcare organizations aiming to improve patient care and operational efficiency through digital health solutions.


  • Challenge: Adapting to technological advancements and changing market dynamics while navigating budget constraints.


  • Solution: Fractional product leadership to develop cost-effective digital solutions, streamline operations, and enhance patient engagement.


  • Benefits: Improved ability to leverage digital solutions, leading to a more efficient healthcare system and better patient outcomes.

Why Choose Adaptive Product?

Healthcare is in the process of being reimagined. Now more than ever, organizations need to leverage modern technologies and their data to create intelligence solutions to transform healthcare financing and delivery. This is a complex undertaking requiring specialized support.

Product Leadership

From strategic planning through technical delivery, Adaptive Product provides our clients with best-practice product execution that ensures efficient delivery of high-value digital health solutions -  on time and within budget.

Broad Healthcare Market Knowledge 

Creating game-changing digital health solutions that "move the needle" requires collaboration across providers, consumers and payers. Adaptive Products' experience across the healthcare spectrum ensures all stakeholder needs are addressed.  

Deep Data & Analytics Expertise

Healthcare data is notoriously difficult to work with.  Efficiently creating impactful digital health solutions requires a deep understanding of healthcare data and industry accepted analytic methodologies, which Adaptive Product brings to each project. 

Chris Donovan
CEO & Founder of Adaptive Product

Through fractional product management, we empower digital health innovators to transform their concepts into impactful solutions. We envision a future where strategically managed digital health products not only enhance patient care and clinical workflows but also usher in a new era of healthcare efficiency and affordability.


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