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Simplify the Complexity of Healthcare Data and Analytics

Drive program success and create transformation initiatives with Adaptive Product’s healthcare experience, covering both data and domain expertise.

Domain Expertise

Years of healthcare data management and analytics experience working with organizations across the healthcare spectrum ensures quick “time-to-value” for engagements.

Data-Driven Solutions

Using data to uncover actionable insights to build solutions that solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare.

Market Realization

Strategic directive matched with talent augmentation ready to bring your program innovation to the market quickly and successfully.

healthcare data and analytics strategy

Healthcare Data & Analytics Strategy

Healthcare is in the process of being reimagined. Now more than ever, organizations need to leverage their data to create intelligence solutions to transform healthcare financing and delivery. This is a complex undertaking requiring specialized strategic support.

Healthcare Analytics

Establishing a clear vision of your analytics priorities, based on a data-driven understanding of your actionable opportunities.

Value-Based Care Strategy

Defining the opportunities to implement programs to succeed under value-based care contracts.

Population Health Solutions

Developing the analytics use cases that drive population health effectiveness and success.

2 men thinking about healthcare program execution

Program Execution

Implementing a healthcare data and analytics strategy is complicated, even for the most experienced organizations. Collecting, preparing and analyzing healthcare data requires deep expertise and experience.

Data Engineering

Carefully managing your data sourcing, preparation, mapping and warehousing is key to maximizing the potential of your healthcare data.

Performance Measurement

Understanding how stakeholder performance compares to benchmarks creates a focus for impactful improvements.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Disseminating actionable intelligence across an organization enables data-driven healthcare organizations to make better decisions.

Healthcare Data Analytics

Developing insight-driven, actionable analytics that enables organizations to drive performance improvements is critical for sustainable growth.

Care Delivery Transformation

Integrating value-driven analytics into clinical and operational workflows improves an organization’s decision making, driving to program success.

Lean-Agile Coaching

Tailor-made mentoring designed to help companies smoothly adopt the best practices required for optimizing technical delivery.


Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource (FHIR) is a new standard designed specifically to handle the complexity of healthcare data. It acts as a critical linchpin for increased data interoperability to allow for a more effective health system.


A new information ecosystem is emerging which will drive cost and quality of care improvements. Learn more about FHIR, SMART, Cures Act regulations, and get up-to-date information on the ONC and CMS Final Rules.

Targeted Support for Your Organization

Healthcare Providers

The shift to value-based care (VBC) is driving the healthcare providers to shift to population health and performance measurement programs.


This is complex, and requires deep healthcare data management and analytics expertise.


Healthcare payers need help building and administering their value-based care and population health programs.


Setting up and running these programs requires hands on assistance during development implementation, launch, and reconciliation.


We help vendors establish the capabilities required to build, implement and management healthcare analytics solutions.


This includes a specialization in value-based care and population health solutions that enable care delivery transformation.

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CEO & Founder of Adaptive Product


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