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Be a strategic voice, drive innovation, and influence the direction of hospice analytics!

Impactful Role: Join our advisory board of hospice subject matter experts. As a strategic advisor, you'll:

  • Shape the future of analytics: Your insights will directly influence the development and functionality of our application, shaping a valuable tool for the entire industry.

  • Gain exclusive access and influence: Be among the first to experience and provide feedback on this cutting-edge technology, shaping its direction and gaining a competitive edge.

  • Drive positive change: Your leadership will contribute to a solution that benefits hospice facilities nationwide, improving patient care and driving operational efficiency.


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  • Network with industry leaders: Connect with fellow experts, share best practices, and build valuable relationships within the hospice community.



  • Competitive Compensation: Receive an honorarium for your time and expertise.

  • Up to 80% Discount: Secure a substantial discount on the final product's license fee after launch, maximizing your cost-effectiveness.

  • Early Adopter Advantage: Be among the first to use our innovative analytics platform, gaining a significant edge in market insights.

  • Industry Recognition: Be credited as a founding member of our advisory board, showcasing your leadership and vision within the industry.

  • Professional Development: Stay at the forefront of hospice analytics trends and technologies through exclusive access and insights.

Your First Impact - User Testing As a member of our advisory board, you'll have the opportunity to make an immediate impact by participating in our first critical initiative: user testing of our initial application design.

  • Shape the User Experience: Your feedback will directly influence the usability, functionality, and overall impact of the application, ensuring it meets the real needs of hospice leaders.

  • Gain Early Insights: Be among the first to interact with the application and provide valuable feedback that will shape its development.

  • Help Us Get It Right: Your expertise will help us create a tool that's not only innovative but also intuitive and user-friendly, empowering hospice leaders to make data-driven decisions with ease.


User Testing Details

  • Compensation: Receive a $500 honorarium as a thank you for your time and expertise.

  • Duration: Approximately 1.5 hours.

  • Format: Conducted online, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your office or home.

  • Schedule: Targeting the week of January 29th through February 2nd.


Limited Spots Available: We're only accepting 10 participants for this initial user testing phase to ensure focused feedback and discussion. Don't miss your chance to reserve your spot and make a difference!



If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at / (800) 391-3840.


Thank You for Your Interest


Your expertise and input are incredibly valuable to us. Thank you for considering participating in this vital stage of our product development. Together, we can drive positive change in hospice care management.


Chris Donovan

Adaptive Product



Market Need: The hospice landscape is rapidly evolving. Data-driven insights are becoming essential for strategic leaders to navigate market shifts, optimize patient care, and ensure financial sustainability.


Opportunity: Working with an investor group, we're building a cutting-edge hospice analytics application to provide leaders with the intelligence they need to succeed. But we need your expertise to ensure it truly addresses industry needs.

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