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It’s an exciting time to be a data geek!

Adaptive Product

The rapid evolution of technology in business can make some professionals nervous but for us, it makes us incredibly excited. We began life as those kids who were always geeking out over the latest gadgets and we took our passion into our working lives. Working with data, digitalization and tech is our calling.


Adaptive Product provides technology coaching and consulting with an education-focused approach designed to ensure you feel confident implementing our assistance long-term. We follow the give a man a fish/teach a man to fish model with the passion of a world-class angler.

We never bombard you with complicated jargon but instead help make complex issues understandable.


We have in-depth knowledge of emerging technology which we can apply to your organization’s toughest business challenges. We have seen it all, done it all, and understand the huge array of businesses is looking to drive change and leverage data to their competitive advantage. There is a whole world of technology to discover, let us show you.

Our Data–Harnessing Guru
Chris Donovan

CEO & Founder of Adaptive Product


Chris Donovan knows what he enjoys most in life; digging into complex problems and solving them with modern data solutions. Chris has built analytics software for over 20 years and started out with a focus in healthcare technology. He has since expanded on his considerable experience by becoming a consultant for organizations working in a wide array of industries.


When it comes to technology consulting, Chris specializes in providing exceptional strategic planning skills and lean-agile methodology coaching, which forms the cornerstone of his approach to solution delivery. He partners with leadership to develop a strategic vision, actionable roadmap, and execution plan that sets a company on a path to dominate their space.


Chris received his Bachelor of Science in Psychology from York College of Pennsylvania, his Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University, and his MBA in Healthcare Administration from Temple University.


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