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Enabling More Efficient Healthcare  Powered by Data & Analytics

Enabling Health Systems, Payers & Providers to leverage digital technology to accelerate healthcare value creation and optimize performance.

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Targeted Support for Your Organization

Deep end-to-end expertise across the provider, payer and vendor landscapes enable us to create data-driven solutions that facilitate more intelligent and efficient healthcare delivery.

Powerful Digital Health Solutions

Leverage over 25 years of experience driving the creation of high-value digital health solutions across the healthcare spectrum.


Transform raw healthcare data into actionable analytics and engaging end-user tools that solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare.

Quality-Focused Data Management

Effectively manage the complexity of healthcare data with modern architectures, technologies and integration practices to accelerate time-to-value.

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Best-In-Class Expertise

Healthcare is in the process of being reimagined. Now more than ever, organizations need to leverage modern technolgies and their data to create intelligence solutions to transform healthcare financing and delivery. This is a complex undertaking requiring specialized support.

Best-Practice Project Leadership

From strategic planning through technical delivery, Adaptive Product provides our clients with best-practice project execution that ensures efficient delivery of high-value digitial health solutions -  on time and within budget.

Broad Healthcare Market Knowledge 

Creating game-changing digitial health solutions that "move the needle" requires collaboration across providers, consumers and payers. Adaptive Products' experience across the healthcare spectrum ensures all stakeholder needs are addressed.  

Deep Data and Analytics Expertise

Healthcare data is notoriously difficult to work with.  Efficiently creating impactful digitial health solutions requires a deep understanding of healthcare data and industry accepted analytic methodologies, which Adaptive Product brings to each project. 

Experience the Power of
Data-Driven Business


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customer acquisition


Average increase
in profit margin


Average yearly
growth rate


Significant improvement in decision making

Health Systems & Providers

Effectively leveraging modern digital technology, data and analytics can enable providers to reduce costs, improve patient care and unlock new revenue streams.

Adaptive Product helps healthcare providers identify and realize their greatest opportunities for growth and improvement.



Payers who are able to demonstrate value-generating uses of digitial technology, data and analytics gain a competitive advantage in the market. 


Adaptive Product helps payers create this market advantage  with a full spectrum of digitial health solution planning and implementation support services.

Digital Health Solution Vendors

Healthcare is a complex business. Creating impactful digitial solutions requires a combination of industry, techical, data and analytics expertise, which is often tough to come by. 

Adaptive Product helps solution vendors meet their product objectives by augmenting their teams with the expertise needed to efficiently create and implement high-value products.

Key Stakeholders

Value Based Care
Data Engineering
Lean-Agile Coaching

Tailor-made mentoring designed to help companies smoothly adopt the best practices required for optimizing technical delivery.

Carefully managing your data sourcing, preparation, mapping and warehousing is key to maximizing the potential of your healthcare data.  Our services include...

  • Data onboarding

  • Data interoperability / FHIR Enablement

  • Data warehousing

  • Data lake development

  • Data de-identification

  • Data governance

  • DataOps

Developing insight-driven, actionable analytics that enables organizations to drive performance improvement is critical for sustainable growth.  Our expertise includes...

  • Population health analytics

  • Value-based care analytics

  • Episodes-of-care & care bundles

  • Risk & predictive modeling

  • HEDIS & quality-of-care measures

  • Care gaps

  • Machine / deep learning modeling

Healthcare Data Analytics

Creating the strategy and leading the delivery of high-value digital health solutions.

  • Market & Competitive Analysis

  • Product Strategies & Roadmaps

  • Lean Startup

  • Market sizing & segmentation

  • Pricing & Profitability Analysis

  • Agile Delivery & Adoption

  • Technical Product Management

Digital Health Product Management

Our Services

Leveraging digital technology, data and analytics to succeed under value-based care contracts.

  • Value-based care analytics

  • Contract Modeling

  • Network Management Analytics

  • Contract Performance Management

  • Provider Performance Management

  • Performance Improvement Intelligence

  • Program Reconciliation

Applying actionable data-driven insights to optimize population health.

  • Population Health Analytics

  • Program Design Support

  • Opportunity Analysis

  • Clinical Reporting

  • Care Gap Analysis

  • Provider Reporting

  • Outcomes Measurement

Population Health Solutions
Chris Donovan

CEO & Founder of Adaptive Product


Digital technology, data and analytics are the keys to healthcare transformation. Rightly leveraged, they unlock tremendous opportunities for better, more cost-effective care delivery. 


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